Tuesday, May 8, 2007


So this evening I find myself drinking Belgian beer, speaking French with a Masai at an Indian restaurant in Dar es Salaam. How Cool Is That!?

Long day and I'm tired. Went to the University of Dar today and then met the Canadian High Comissioner. We gave our first presentation today at the Rotary Club of Dar es Salaam - north. Pretty good effort on our part. Power point worked & people seemed happy.

So far in three days I've shot 125 pictures and kept about 115 of them.

Oh and for all the bird lovers reading this. I woke up this morning all ready to hear and see cool different birds. I opened my curtains and what did I see. Two English House Sparrows and a crow!

Short post for now. More maybe tomorrow. I'm not sure how much I'm looking forward to Friday as we're going to a pediatric-terminal cancer ward.

Gotta sleep now.


Sparroweye said...

Oh........ please You could at least find me a lilac-breasted roller.
I know they have exotic birds there.
You need a guide. London, I am so envious. My owls are catching bats.

Sarah said...

You are, by far, the coolest guy I know right now.
Be good, play safe and have fun.
Oh, and bring me back some candy.