Friday, May 11, 2007

Missed A Few

Missed a couple of day there. we've had two very long days with two very long nights.

Wednesday we spent the morning at a governemtn run school for kids with no other means of support. Rotary has just purchased two uniforms each for all 2100 of them. Today we're giving them 4200 pencils (two per child) and a wall-mounted sharpener.

In the afternoon we were at the CCBRT - a very cool hospital that not only provides surgery and artificical limbs but does comtinuing community outreach to ensure that patients are getting the appropriate follow-up care and physio-therapy.

Yesterday was hard and great at the same time. The morning saw us at an orphanage for children who had lost their parents to AIDS. Mom - this is where your Gogo efforts are making a difference. Very eye-opening & sad.

The afternoon was better for me as I got to skip the trip to the youth remand centre and had a meeting with the Director of the National Tourism School. I got look in on a class that was learning about guided touring. When we get back here at the beginning of June, I've been invited to give a seminar to the class on North American-style interpretation & guided touring. Our Rotary hosts may need to shuffle the schedule a bit but they'll probably make it happen.

Another long day ahead of us.


Haloranch said...

Hi Todd,
I'm really enjoying your blog! You write with great wit, and this despite the long days and nights you're putting in. It'll probably get worse. I understand from other GSE people that the pace can get pretty gruelling.

So you've already unloaded 1/3 of your pencils. Great going! What a great idea Kaden had.
Lolita Wiesner, Rotary Club of Red Deer East

Sparroweye said...

Todd, on your "free time" right.
Find me some bird photographs.
I particularly like those ones
with long tail feathers. Check out
my scary owl photograph. I took
the pretty one.

Caryn & Dan said...


Loving your stories... Every one makes us wish we were there. (enter whimpering noice here.) I remember how tired I was for alot of the first week that we were in the middle east... I think it was mostly jetlag still lingering... hang in there it gets better.