Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Birthday Presents

Among the things to do before I leave lies the job of "buy the kids' birthday presents". Yes, I officially lose the Father of the Year award as I'll be gone for both kids birthdays.

Kaden's lobbying pretty hard for a skateboard.

And Ainsley, the last time I asked what she'd like for her birthday, thought she might like to have a doughnut. I did remind her that a doughnut is a snack and probably not a great birthday present. Her next choice? A carrot. And you just know that she won't be pleased if we get her a carrot even though she explicitly asked for one. Three-year-old just don't have that kind of a sense of humour.

Oh and we did wills today. As is "This is the last will and testament of... being of sound mind etc..." There's a depressing way to spend 40 minutes with a lawyer. However, it does check one of the most important things of the list so, I feel better.

Next up, still need to find pants. I know, it doesn't quite have the same gravitas as The Will. However, I'm considerably more stressed out by this one.

10 more sleeps.

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Sparroweye said...

We did that too, when we both flew to England. Updated our will. And left a key to the safety deposit box with our son. (he said, whats the problem, if you die. I will have the house cleaned out before any of my siblings get here) Gotta love that boy. He's a chip off somebodys block, who I am not sure. When you come back, tell me you loved watching a lion take down a kill. So, this is why your other blog is dead.