Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Commute

I got a great new toy from Shannon for Christmas. This little camera (similar to a GoPro), mounts to just about anything and give the viewer a ride-along view of all kinds of activities. Today was the first day I tried it out; mounting it to the side of my bike helmet.

I grabbed a few minutes from the first part of my commute. I will warn you right now, in some places the wind noise is crazy. However, it was a good traffic day - all the drivers behaved so there was no stress in the commute.

I'll address one thing right off the bat...  I did ride to the front of the turning lane, past the line of cars. On an icy day, the front of the line is the safest place for a cyclist to be. That way, you don't get squished between two cars if someone panics and locks up the brakes.

Anyway, enjoy. Keep in mind this raw footage - no editing.


There's another clip on my facebook page. It's longer and has some neat snowy, downhill footage.


Red said...

Not only cool Todd, but a little freaky. I can just imagine this thing when you're riding on a trail in the summer.

Todd said...

It's going to be a riot alright. We're taking it to the ski hill to video my freestyle kids, this weekend.