Thursday, September 29, 2011

New Look - Keep or Toss?

Blogger has given us a bunch of new "Dynamic Layouts" to play with. What do you think of this look? You, the reader, can change it by clicking on one of the tabs (mosaic, magazine etc...) just under the title bar.

I think it looks slick, but I think I miss some of the functionality of the more traditional layouts. Gone are the sidebar links to other blogs and websites, gone is the shelfari widget.... I'm conflicted. What's more important to you? Do you like the readability and the improved access to old posts, offered by the new layout? Or do you prefer the old layout?

Let me know. Comment below.

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deeol said...

I've been pondering this on and off since it came out in Blogger Draft, and I think that in the end it's just not bloggy enough for me. It's a neat toy, but most people looking for a blog would see this (especially if it were on, say Snapshot) and have a real wtf moment. I also think that it leads to a loss of continuity... maybe even to a possibility of people missing your content while playing with the features. Plus, I'd really miss my sidebar. I like my sidebar.

I'll play around with it a bit on the weekend, I think, but I'm guessing it'll end up being a no from me. After all, I could have switched over while it was still in draft if it seemed appealing, right? I've switched enough other things in draft.