Friday, May 2, 2008

Yeah, It's the Image that We're Worried About

In what must be a bid to prove that he is Dubya 2.0, Steven Harper has commented on the Dead Ducks controversy.

There have been some idiotic comments from Syncrude so far. Ed Stelmach even went down the you're only showing the bad stuff about the tar sands route. But our (yours 'cause I sure as hell didn't vote for the little fascist) illustrious Prime Minister has reached a new level of ridiculousness.

His comment today was "tragedy hurts Canada's environmental image". Respectfully Mr. Prime Minister, the tragedy doesn't hurt Canada's environmental image. We are the third largest producer of CO2 per capita world wide. We consume water faster than anybody outside the US. Until recently the Great Lakes were toxic. We already have a poor environmental image. The tragedy doesn't hurt it any more. What the tragedy hurts... is DUCKS!!!

Specifically, it hurt or rather killed, over 500 of the little buggers and he's worried about how the tragedy affects our environmental image.

This is the same guy that said stories of prisoners in Afghanistan being tortured under the auspices of NATO were hurting Canada's and NATO's credibility. That may well be sir, but actually torturing people hurts people. There's a reason why torture is illegal under international law and it has nothing to do with the optics of subjecting a person to horrendous amounts of physical and emotional trauma. It has to do with actually subjecting a person to horrendous amounts of physical and emotional trauma.

The same thing goes for the ducks. Having appropriate environmental protection laws is not about showing the world that Canada is a happy, green nation. Having those laws is supposed to actually protect animals, plants, water and air.

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